First day activities: my favourite icebreakers

Every year I try to look for new activities to start off my first lessons and consequently spend an indecent amount of time trawling the net for original ideas. Fortunately, there are always plenty that catch my eye and I’d like to share some of my favourites.

Lesson Plans Digger has some excellent compilations of icebreakers and last year I tried out this great activity called Two Kinds of People , which uses fantastic visuals and gets students both moving and speaking.

Teach This, also has some great resources and ideas for first day introductions. A couple of my favourites are Teacher Question Time, where students answer the typical getting-to-know-you questions as if they were you, the teacher! Secrets is also a great activity but students need to be quite confident or perhaps know each other previously.

Hive of Activities is a blog I usually consult to find ideas for my C1 and C2 classes. In my search for icebreakers, I came across The Cocktail Party , which is great fun and can be used with all levels.

What activities do you use?

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